WHOOP WHOOP first time ive ever come first in anything 😉 okay that made me sounds a little sader than originally planed.


look at this fancy website i set up for us.. well, us and the university, I’m using this so i don’t have to write a lengthy essay on my time in China plus this is gonna save us so much in postage. though don’t worry i will still send you some post cards as well as a good birthday present!

Okay so a brief explanation on everything so far: I’m apart of a fancy production by The Stage@Leeds company that has partnered up with UIBE to create ‘A Midsummers Night Dreaming Under the Southern Bough’ a mouthful of a title yes but it works, anyway during one of the many rehearsals I was given the opportunity to apply for a year abroad at Shanghai Theatre Academy (this is serious paraphrasing i assure you a whole bunch of malarkey happen before we got to this point) one thing leads to another and now I’m packing for a year in China.

okay theirs your ‘Previously on Rachels Life’ I’m starting this early because well firstly because I’m slightly bored and i want to put my new laptop (I’ve named him Alfie) to use and secondly because this seems fitting, alots going to happen in the next couple of months before i leave, theirs the crazy busy rehearsal schedule as well Edinburgh Fringe Festival and then I’m off.

But for now, in this quite moment back home, I can simply start to write. Oh and dont judge me I’m using my gamer tag as i couldn’t get any version of my actual name, curse my parents for my common name 😉

Love you!




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