Failed Article Causes Mid life Crises at 21

So I’m trying to write this article right? Its aimed at children who suffer from (one of the many) the same illness i do: Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (but that’s a massive mouthful (that’s what she said) so we’re just going to call it M.E as i doubt anyone actually says its real name) something that i grew up with so who better to write this article other than your very own me?!

thats a wonderful idea Reachel you’re so awesome and pretty

thank you mind Vili and oh you, stop it! but despite me being so awesome, every time i read this damn thing i sounds like the most conceited SOB that ever walked this planet. Which i understand that from the previous statement might be obvious to believe.

My issue is growing up with this illness SUCKS. its not fun, it can be demanding and heart breaking and at points it can destroy your soul, you lose your dreams and are just filled with so much anger that it can consume you every waking moment. It take everything and leaves you with ashes.

But i got through that. I somehow found myself in a good place, and that’s what i need to write about: the “journey” (ugh, i know i cringed as i typed it, so cliche). But in all honesty it wasn’t a Jword, i just sort of jumped to where i am now, and at points i jump right back, so how am i suppose to write a ‘it gets better’ piece when the truth is it doesn’t, you have the good days and yes i have more than a few good days but there is always bad ones.

I’m often asked how i just do things, how I’ve managed to do a lot of the stuff I’ve done and in all honesty i just kept plodding along because whats the other option? there is only so much Netflix you sit through before you’re bored. But somehow i feel “just get on with stuff” wont really cut it in this article, as tempting as it may be to write.

So what advice do I, a 21 year old drama student have?.. Always have a microwave meal spare for dinner emergencies (?) honest to god the only piece of advice i can think of right now. I’m not sure how people do this, talk about there illness, i mean, yes i’m open about my issues and limitations but that always happens in person, somehow i have to put across my sarcastic personality AND help people in just a word article. Which, yes, i do understand that i’m doing it right now, but pretending it’s just to you Vil’s really helps.

I think I’m scared, or at least worried, I’m classed as this ‘Success’ story but I’m not. I’m a kid that grew up and i don’t even adult properly, i love building forts and playing sims and you bet i have midnight snacks! and i haven’t brought a vegetable in like 4 months! I never think practically and just do what makes me happy and let me tell you it has gotten me into trouble!

And now I’m off to China and i need to write a piece about how I overcame my illness to do the things I’ve done. which is utter BS. That’s what i really want to write about, how much those good health magazines and success stories are filled with utter crap. BUT i don’t think that will be appropriate for children. I suppose its this ‘happily ever after complex’ everyone wants one and no one wants to be told it cant happen.

Let me get one things straight because this is becoming very depressing. People can and do have happy days, i’m just saying a ‘Happily ever After’ isn’t achievable because you will always have bad days, do you think Cinderella just like perfect after the wedding? HELL NO, she married a stranger i bet you she was a lib dem supporter and he was a tori and we all know those political parties don’t get on, or, what about the times she was hit in the crotch by mother nature, no girl is happy then!

Ugh, I’ve gone off topic, what I’m asking is how do i tell children that while it will be okay and it does get better there are days when its bad, like really bad.? or do i just leave it out? your help would be greatly appreciated!

This blog is about China so quick update: Still going, (yay) still haven’t packed (boo) still can’t speak Chinese (that was never going to happen Rachel do be serious.)


honestly i find my jokes HILARIOUS and just shame on you if you don’t 😉

Talk soon!


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